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Time Machine is extremely easy to use, and its flexibility makes it a great solution for keeping your Mac backed up safely.

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It looks like a standard SATA drive to me, any standard SATA external enclosure should work: Apple Time Capsule Model A1302 Hard Drive Replacement - Apple Time Capsule.

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This device acts as an external hard drive of sorts, allowing you to connect to it via Time Machine and load backups of all your PCs to the unit.For me losing 4 years worth of movie and tv show collection would be unbearable.Seagate Expansion Desktop is a very popular option in the middle of the external hard drives price range.We just upgraded a while back and time to clean out our office.Although Apple Time Capsule hard drives are consistent, they are susceptible to data loss under certain situations.The time capsule is great, but I never store important stuff on it as it has no raid capability with just 1 drive, so the answer to your question is dependent on your desire to expand capacity in the future, and how much you value your data.

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I can plug it in to my Macbook Pro, but I prefer the idea of having backups happen wirelessly like with a Time Capsule.

Get a separate drive, connect it to the Time Capsule, and use that.If the drive in the Time Capsule fails, or the Time Capsule itsel.My question is how to attach a hard drive to eero for purposes of Time Machine backup.You can use it as a network storage server and a wireless router.

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Bjarne Larsen can no longer use his Time Capsule because of a work.Time Machine will now use your external drive to do automatic backups.I have a Fantom external hard drive with all my DATA files on it connected to my computer via FireWire 800.

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Plug in your external hard drive (via USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt, depending on your drive).

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Make sure you either have a local drive (formatted for Mac) plugged into your computer or, if you want to get fancy, have connected to an Apple Time Capsule.

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But I was wondering if a Time Capsule can also work the exact same way as an external hard drive.Hi there, does anyone know how can I access to the an Airport Time Capsule 2TB hard drive using Windows 10.Apple designed it with dual-band with 2.4 and 5GHz frequency bands.

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There are many good reasons to buy a quality external hard drive.

I have been using it for my wireless device and Time Machine Backup.

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I believe the internal drive on the Time Capsule is dedicated to Time Machine (backup), but the newest models allow attachment of external hard drives via USB for network-based general purpose file-sharing through the Time Capsule.When used at home, it will backup your MacBook Pro and any other Mac computer on your local network without having to do a thing.There are many wireless hard drives are available in the market, and you can use almost all of them.

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The Apple site says that the time capsule is a back-up device in addition to a wireless base stations and wireless external hard drive.This guide will work for local internal drives, external drives, Time Capsule drives, and network drives that are supported by Time Machine.Time Capsule, basically an Airport Extreme base station with a 500GB or 1TB internal hard drive, is designed to be a wireless Time Machine target for one or more Macs as well as a NAS (network.The server-grade capacity of the Apple hard drive automatically backs up everything, so you never have to worry about losing your important files.Both Mac and Windows-based computers are capable of using all these features.