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Have fun this summer with a game of washer toss each set includes 2 boxes and 8 washers can be customized with your favorite color Please leave custom color selection.The game field consists of two washer pits, each containing one recessed cup of 4 inches in diameter (101.6 mm) positioned a specific distance apart, toward which players throw washers to score points.The large playing surface and back board make it easier and more fun to play on than other types of washer games.

Games Everyone Can Join In On: Include everyone on classic lawn games like bean bag toss, bocce and horseshoes or try your hand at the latest outdoor game-Spikeball.The game of washers is similar to horseshoes but on a smaller scale.Find great deals for NCAA Notre Dame Fighting Irish Washer Toss Yard Game.Whether you call it Washers, Snake Pit, Washoo, Texas horseshoes, Washoes, Hot Tub Party, Holey Board, Washer Toss, or Wishy Washy, Washers is a fun, entertaining, and challenging outdoor game for the entire family.NCAA College Team Washers Toss Game Great Lawn or TailGating Game That Uses a 2ft x 2ft Box and Washers that Players Toss.

This set is neutral to match your event theme, navy blue top with white painted sides.It requires few materials, including: 2x4, plywood, pvc, washers, screws and glue.Washer Games are played in a variety of different ways, on many types of surfaces.Keep a supply of flat washers on hand to avoid down time during assembly, construction or maintenance jobs.

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It should only take a couple of seconds to place the two circular target areas on the ground 35 feet apart.

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Yolo Sports Lawn Game Duo Cornhole and Washer and Ring Toss Set The Lawn Game Duo Cornhole and Washer and Ring Toss Set make a lasting impression at barbeques, tailgates, beach days and family fun events.

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Players or teams pick a colored set of washers or bean bags and use that set throughout the game.

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The 3-Hole Washer Game boards are designed with 3 holes for maximum scoring potential.

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The object of this game is to toss your washers into a cup, which is usually made from PVC and mounted in an open wooden enclosure, to earn points and outscore opponents.This awesome DIY Lawn Game is super easy to make and will last for years to come.Washer toss, frequently called washer pitching, is a fun tossing game mostly played during backyard parties.

Next, cut a hole in the center of a piece of carpet and insert the PVC tube that the washers will get thrown into inside the hole.

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These boards are constructed with a padded top side and a sturdy and compact construction.

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MY LATEST VIDEOS. 2. Dots and Boxes Sidewalk Chalk Game: This classic kids game is just as fun played outside with chalk.With items you surely have kicking around in your garage, you can easily whip up the pieces necessary for a game of washers.Compare products, compare prices, read reviews and merchant ratings.Yard Dart Game Setup Yard darts, or sometimes referred to as Jarts, is a game that is simple to set up in your backyard or tailgate spot.